Counter Surveillance Probe/Monitor CPM700..................Free Shipping in U.S

Counter Surveillance Probe/Monitor CPM700..................Free Shipping in U.S
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• Full spectrum from 200 Hz to 3 Ghz, inlcuding infrared signals

• Detect Wireless & Wired Hidden Cameras

• Debug An Entire Room In Under 1 Minute

• Uses Infrared & Radio Frequency Detection Up to 6 GHz • Handheld & Battery Operated

• Lights, Vibration, and Audible Alerts

Revolutionary Two-In-One Camera Detector Finds Both Wired & Wireless Cameras

Are you being spied on? As cameras become smaller and more hidden, finding them becomes more difficult. Not anymore with the Two-In-One RF/IR Hidden Camera Detector.

This Hidden Camera Detector uses infrared and radio frequency technology to locate all cameras whether they are wired or wireless, turned on or off.

Protect your privacy with this simple hand held device, which operates on 2 AAA batteries.

It's so easy-to-use, you can easily sweep an entire room for hidden cameras in under 1 minute.

This counter surveillance device locates all hidden cameras in your home or office no matter how hidden they are.

Easily Find Hidden Cameras w/ This Easy-To-Use Device Locating all the hidden cameras in your home or office has never been easier with this three-in-one device that features 4 LED lights, vibration, and an audible location alarm.

As you hone in on a hidden camera, the devices' signals will get stronger letting you know you are close.

The radio frequency feature finds all wireless cameras within the most common range of 1Mhz - 6Ghz and the laser infrared feature finds wired cameras for the ultimate two-in-one experience that helps you find all hidden cameras whether they're wired or wireless.

Trusted By Private Investigators Worldwide

Private Investigators worldwide trust the RF/IR Hidden Camera Detector to effectively debug rooms of hidden cameras.

No matter how hidden the camera is, Private Investiga tors know that this device will locate all of them for complete privacy.

Its wireless design locates all wired and wireless cameras for fast, effective sweeping.

This kit is best utilized by passing the RF probe around the surfaces of area being checked, but doing so at a very slow and steady rate, and no faster than that you would use to lay down a coat of latex paint with a four inch paint brush. The Magnetic and Infrared probes are used in a similar manner.

With the VLF probe you can test all electrical outlets for carrier current covert eavesdropping devices. It can also detect and locate RF tracking transmitters which may have been installed to follow vehicles.

The Acoustic Leakage Probe can be used to test both sides of walls, pipes, air ducts, and other locations where sound could leak from the area being checked and monitored by an eavesdropper with the naked ear.

The Acoustic Leakage Probe, ALP700 probe also assists in the placement of acoustic noise generators and audio jammers.

Additionally, it can also be used as an automatic monitor mode once a sweep has been conducted to detect and alarm on any changes while one is away.

The line probe can be plugged into the auxiliary output and used to check any unknown wires and to test for possible eavesdropping activities and/or devices.

The 24-hour recorder output and controls will store suspicious sounds on a standard cassette recorder (not included) while you are away.


• Protect your privacy and personal safety

• Locate wireless & wired hidden cameras

• Detects functioning & non-functioning hidden cameras

• Vibration warning mode

• 4 LED indicators to determine signal strength

• Sensitivity tuner

Multi-Functional Utility

The CPM700 comes with probes to detect RF transmitters (audio and video), carrier current transmitters, and telephone bugs. Probes are also available to detect infrared transmitters, tape recorders, and acoustic leakage.

Overview The CPM-700 is a broadband receiver designed to detect and locate all major types of electronic surveillance devices including room, phone, body bugs, video transmitters, and tape recorders. Portable Sweep Kit - provides everything needed to perform a professional sweep; fits inside a standard briefcase.

Multi-Functional Utility - Comes with probes to detect RF transmitters (audio and video), carrier current transmitters, and telephone bugs. Probes also available to detect for infrared transmitters, tape recorders, and acoustic leakage.

Wideband Coverage - from 200Hz to over 3GHz with no holes or gaps.

Monitor Mode - after a sweep, the alarm monitor (silent or audible alert) guards against new devices brought in or remote control activation of surveillance devices.

Auxiliary Audio Input - allows user to listen to telephones or lines for "hotmikes," hookswitch by-pass and "infinity" bugs. Unknown wires and cables can be tested for wired microphones.

Broadband receivers such as the CPM-700 provide a very important cost-effective tool for professional sweep teams, government security personnel, and private citizens with important security needs.

The CPM-700 is very effective for rapidly detecting and locating transmitted signals, while being very easy to learn to use. The CPM-700 sweep kit includes a custom Cordura case that contains all items necessary to conduct a professional sweep.

Specs 1.R.F. Probe: 2.Gain: 20dB nominal Frequency 3.Response: 50kHz-2GHz 3dB 3GHz-10dB 4.Sensitivity: -62dBm (1 segment) -85dBm M.D.L. 5.VLF Probe: 6.Frequency Response: 15kHz-1MHz-3dB 7.MAX input voltage: 300 VAC 50-60Hz 8.Isolation: 1500 VAC 60Hz 9.Sensitivity: -38dBm (1 segment) -60 M.D.L. 10.Audio Amplifier: 11.Input Impedance: 50K Ohm balanced 12.Input Range: 1.7uV-10V (135dB) AGC 13.Dynamic Range: 100dB (high and low gain) 14.Frequency Response:100Hz- 15kHz3dB (filtered) 500Hz-24dB/octave, 2.5kHz-18dB/octave 15.Headphone Output: 5Vp-p 220 16.Record Out: 25 mVp-p nominal with AGC 17.Display: 18.LCD bargraph: 18 segment with pulsing single segment trip point 19.50dB dynamic range (1 segment High Gain to MAX Low Gain) 20.Alert Output: 2.8kHz tone or silent red LED at 2Hz 21.Remote Output: N.O. contact (300mA 25V MAX) 22.Battery: 23.8 ea. MN1500 AA Alkaline - Life 10-16 hrs 24.Low Battery Indicator: approx. 10% remaining power 25.AC Adapter/Charger 26.Input: 95-l30VAC 50-60Hz, or 200-275VAC 50-60Hz 27.Output: 12VDC with 500mA NiCad Recharge Time: 8-10 hrs 28.Options, Call for details 29.IRP-700 Infrared Probe enables the operator to detect and locate surveillance devices that utilize infrared energy as the transmitting medium. 30.MLP-700 enables the operator to detect and locate magnetic recording devices such as audio or video tape recorders. 31.ALP-700 With the Acoustic Leakage Probe, the operator can determine the vulnerability of accoustic leakage by placing the ALP-700 against structural objects such as walls or windows. 32.MPA-700 Modular Phone Adapter gives the CPM the ability to test a location's phone wiring for surveillance devices. 33.TRP-700 Tape recorder Patch Cable allows the the audio from the CPM to be recordered for a more in depth analysis at a later time. 34.CLA-700 Cigarette Lighter Adapter allows the CPM to operate and recharge the NCB-700 battery pack while traveling. The adapter provides 12VDC power from automobile sockets. 35.NCB-700 NiCad Battery Pack allows for a portable and reusable power source. The pack consists of eight rechargeable Nickel Cadmium AA cells which can be recharged overnight numerous t

Includes 1.CPM-700 Unit 2.Carry Case with all standard Items:

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