Forus Digital Recorder DR7510..................Free Shipping in U.S

Forus Digital Recorder DR7510..................Free Shipping in U.S
Item# DR7510
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This recorder has all the great features of other digital recorders plus saves battery power. When used on your telephone, the recorder will power down when you hang up and power up when you pick up, which conserves battery life. The sensitivity to sound/voice can also be adjusted. Choose 128MB of memory for up to 66 hours of recording time or 256MB for up to 133 hours of recording time.

When placing an order choose DR7510G or DR75256G to have a power cord included at no extra charge.

Features---Powers off when you hang up and powers on when you answer the phone to save power

Adjustable sensitivity and sound

Specs---1.Voice activated recording 2.USB interface 3.Microphone sensitivity adjustment 4.Repeated playback 5.Quick message search 6.Vibration mode for discreet recording 7.Time indicator for recording remaining 8.All in one menu button 9.Earphone allows for hearing aid use 10.File search plays first 7 seconds of each file 11.Auto power off when not in use 12.No Battery Drain works only when connected to a telephone

Includes---1.Digital Recorder 2. DVR manager CD 3. Ear Buds 4. Microphone 5. USB Cable 6.Telephone recording adapter 7. Telephone cord 8. Lanyard 9. 2 AAA batteries 10. Instruction book 11. **Model Numbers ending in "G" also include AC adapter

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